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Bastard Hack Character Creation

1. Roll 3d6 Stats, in order.

3  • -3
4-6 • -2
7-9 • -1
10-11 • 0
12-14 • +1
15-17 • +2
18 • +3

2. Roll a race. 
RACES (most of these are from Die Trying) :
1-10. Human • +1 to 2 stats of your choice.
11-12. Halfling • +1 WIS - You can talk to small animals.
13-14. Elf • +1 INT - Never need to sleep. Also cannibalism.
15-16. Dwarf • +1 CON - Dungeon Architecture (you can sometimes tell how many floors are in a dungeon, how thick a given wall is, etc.)
17. Tiefling/Mutant/Cursed - +1 CHA - Roll 1d4 random mutations.
18. Gnome • +1 INT - Invisibility when you close your eyes, hold your breath, and don't move.
19. Goblin • +1 DEX - Carnivore. You can smell half as well as you can see.

20. Unusual Races :
1. Undead • -1d4 to each stat. - 1d4 Stat damage instead of death; when you hit 0 in any stat you become skeletal and insane.
2. Frogman • +1 STR - Long sticky tongue, can swallow people whole. Dry out quickly without water.
3. Lizardman • +1 DEX - Can consume rotten food and brackish water. Save vs. Hypothermia if you can’t get warm in the morning.
4. Kobold • +1 DEX - Always know immediately when a trap you’ve set has been sprung. Must always attempt to acquire shinies.
5. Orc • +1 STR - Turn 1 save or die/major wound into a scar. Only works once.
6. Troll • +1 STR - Regenerate 1 HP/minute. Vulnerable to fire. Save or turn to stone when exposed to direct sunlight.

3. Roll once for starting class. 
This determines Hit Die and gives you one thing from the backgrounds table.
1. Witch • 1d6 HD (see 1. below)
2. Cleric/Cultist • 1d6 HD (see 2. and 3. below)
3. Wizard/Warlock • 1d4 HD (see 4. below)
4. Druid • 1d6 HD (see 6. below)
5. Wanderer • 1d8 HD (see 7. below)
6. Fighter • 1d10 HD (see 8. below)
7. Knight • 1d10 HD (see 9. below)
8. Barbarian • 1d12 HD (see 10. below)
9. Rogue • 1d8 HD (see 12. below)
10. Assassin • 1d8 HD (see 14. below)

Roll on the backgrounds table 2 more times. 
If you rolled 1-4 for starting class, roll with +4 for the rest of your rolls on the background table.
(This means that you can't be multiple kinds of magic users, but you can be a magic user and a guy with a sword because that's cool. You can't have a magic die and a faith die because gods hate magic and demons will only give you one or the other.)

1. Made a pact with a Demon, roll a demon here to determine which one.
(+1 Magic Die, Demon Power, Curse, Occult Skill)

2. Joined a Religion, roll a god here to determine which one.
(+1 Faith Die, Ritual, Occult Skill)

3. Joined a Cult, roll a god here to determine which one.
(+1 Faith Die, Ritual, Occult Skill)

4. Joined a Wizard School, roll below to determine which one:
(+1 Magic Die, Arcane Secret, Occult Skill)
1. Tower of Zards, Random Spellbook.
2. Invisible School of Thaumaturgy, Invisibility or Minor Illusion Spellbook.
3. Spires to the Sun, Pyromancy Flame (Like a spellbook, can be used for Fireball or Control Flames)
4. Lunar Citadel, Time Slow Spellbook. 
5. Got kicked out of a Wizard School (+1 Magic Die, Warlock Rite/Drawback, Outlaw, Occult Skill)
1. Necromancer / Ghoul Knight. Raise Dead, one of your organs is in a jar.
2. Biomancer. Mutate Monster, 1d4 Random Mutations.
3. Haruspex. Haruspicy (works like Portent in 5e), Random Affliction.
4. Neuromancer. Telekinesis, you can try to make people's heads explode: deal up to 6 MD in damage, save or take the same amount yourself, Random Insanity.
6. Became a Druid. (+1 Attack, Shapeshifting/at-will, Journey Skill).
Shapeshifting can give a number of different abilities from limited flight, to burrowing, to speaking to a certain kind of animal.)

7. You wandered the wasteland and met a companion. (Ranged Weapon, Animal Companion, Journey Skill)

8. You learned a fighting style. (+1 Attack, Melee Weapon, Fighting Style, Random Armor)
1. Cutter. Attack with disadvantage to cause bleed damage (1 damage per round until bandaged)
2. Duelist. Successful defense rolls always deal counter-attack damage.
3. Heavy Weapons. Attack with disadvantage to Cleave (target multiple adjacent enemies).
4. Chopper. Crit range increases by 1 (19-20, then 18-20, etc.) + all crits dismember.
5. Shield-Splitter. Attack with Disadvantage to sunder shields and armor.
6. Armor-Piercer. +1 vs heavily-armored enemies.
9. You were born or made a Knight. (+1 HP, costs 12g/month to keep your status. Chain Armor. Long Sword. Shield or Lantern. Allegiance to one of the powers below.)
1. Crow Knight (Malphas)
2. Frog Knight (Tsar Vodnik)
3. Ash Knight (Spires to the Sun)
4. Ghoul Knight (Grave King)
5. Dragon Knight (Dragon Kings)
6. Death Knight / Valkyrie (Hel, Lady of Death )
7. Solar Knight (Sun Emperor Solace/Muetarr)
8. Witch Knight (Queen of Zorn)
9. Lunar Knight (Luna, Moon-Queen)
10. Star Knight (The Punishing Star)
10. You learned to fight with fury. (+1 Attack, Melee Weapon, Rage: you must keep attacking to maintain the rage. Adv. on attack and disadv. on all defense rolls.)

11. You were a soldier (+1 Attack, +1 HP, Melee Weapon, Scars. If you want Scale Armor you must roll an Old Wound:)
1. Lost your eye.
2. Lost your hand.
3. Lost your foot.
4. Can't talk.
12. You learned some tricks from thieves. (Stealth & Hand skills as well as one of the things below:)
1. Cat Feet (reduce fall distance by 10ft)
2. Pack Rat (+3 inventory slots)
3. Scrounge (1/session, gain a random item when you dig through a pile of junk)
4. Case the Joint (Climbing gear, you know how to discern rough floorplans from looking through windows and observing a building)
5. Forge Documents (paper, pen and ink)
6. Poisoner (deadly herbs, vials, mortar and pestle)
13. You found, stole or inherited something. (Gain one Special Item below:)
1. Deed to a decrepit property (a tower, a house, etc.)
2. Crystal Ball. Can be used for Scrying but you risk revealing yourself to the wizard you stole it from.
3. Random spellbook, possibly cursed.
4. Random magic item.
5. Random Potion/Scroll.
6. 1d100 Gold.
7. Monster gut
14. You killed someone. (Melee Weapon, +1 Attack, Stealth skill, Sneak Attack: When you strike with advantage you deal an extra 1d6 damage.)

15. You found a heavy weapon. (+Attack, Crossbow, rifle, war-axe, halberd, claymore, etc.)

16. You killed a monster. (Ranged Weapon, Favored Enemy : +1 Attack and Damage against one type of creature)

17. You were mutated or cursed. (Roll a random mutation, +1 HP)

18. You're a trained Blacksmith (With the proper equipment you can forge weapons and armor for half the price of buying them pre-made, and you can repair sundered items. If you sharpen a weapon it will deal improved damage on its next attack.)

19. You're a skilled Cook (If you make rations they restore 1d8HP instead of 1d6. If you cook a full warm meal everyone gets an extra 1d6 temporary HP for the next 24 hours (max 1/day, costs 5g per person eating. You have a big iron pot and a wooden spoon.)

20. You're learned in the ways of Alchemy (You can identify herbs and other plants and combine them into potions. You also have a mortar and pestle, 3 bottles)

Roll 3 times. You also get a flint/steel, a torch, 3 rations,  and 3d6 gold.
1. Shield (+1 Armor)
2. Helmet (+1 Armor)
3. Crossbow + 10 Bolts
4. Lockpicks or Random Armor
5. Sack or 10ft. Pole
6. Lantern with 3 oils, or 5 torches.
7. Poison or Anti-Toxin
8. Bear-Trap or Net
9. Bedroll & Tent
10. 10ft. Chain or Shovel
11. Lock & Key or Caltrops
12. Mule & Cart or Small Chest
13. Crowbar or Iron Spikes & Hammer
14. Pot of Flame Oil or Holy Water
15. Mirror or Manacles
16. Grappling Hook or Spyglass
17. Map Fragment of Local Dungeon or Partial Treasure Map
18. Weapon of Choice
19. Random Potion
20. Random Scroll

ARMOR (Armor takes up Inventory slots equal to its bonus.)
1-10. Leather (+2 ARMOR)
10-12. Studded (+3 ARMOR)
13-15. Scale (+4 ARMOR)
16-18. Chain (+5 ARMOR)
19-20. Plate (+6 ARMOR)

Note: 2 handed weapons take up 2 Inventory Slots.
Melee Weapons:
1-5. Dagger 1d4, Concealable
6-8. Short Sword 1d6
9. Long Sword 1d8/1d10
10. Claymore 1d12, 2-handed
11. Hatchet 1d8
12. Axe 1d10
13. Great Axe 1d12, 2-handed
14. Spear 1d8/1d10, 2-handed
15. Halberd 1d12, 2-handed
16. Staff/Club 1d6
17. Warhammer 1d12, 2-handed
18. Flail 1d8
19. Mace 1d8
20. Scythe 1d8, 2-handed

Ranged Weapons:
1. Sling 1d4
2. Bow 1d6, 2-handed
3. Longbow 1d8, 2-handed
4. Crossbow 1d10, 2-handed

Rifles exist but are very uncommon. 1d12 damage, 2-handed, takes 1 round of doing nothing else to load.

5. Fill in the remaining blanks on your character sheet.

ATTACK = STR bonus or WIS bonus depending on if you are using a ranged or a melee weapon.


HP = Hit Die + CON bonus

INV. SLOTS = STR score, if you go over you'll have disadvantage on all physical things.

SKILLS: Skills are rolled 1d20, oftentimes trying to beat an opponents Ability Score. If you have a skill, you roll with advantage.
Journey - Used for tracking beasts, foraging, and other wilderness stuff.
Deception - Used for making people believe what you want them to believe.
Stealth - Used for moving silently.
Hand - Used for disabling traps, picking pockets and picking locks.

Ask the GM for spells, mutations, curses, afflictions, etc.

Note: A lot of this stuff is from Die Trying, Knave and Maze Rats!

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