Tuesday, July 30, 2019

The Titancorpse

This post will be an ongoing attempt to flesh out my campaign world. I'm going to edit it for a while until I have figured out what every named thing on this map is.

The part of the world pictures on this map the Titancorpse's back, (allegedly) and other parts of the planet are shrouded in mystery. This is the "known world". Some people debate these theories and argue that the earth is flat or a hollow sphere, or that the planet isn't dead. They are generally treated as wackos.

Failure Tolerated posted a thing about using this map for a campaign world and provided a very useful list of all locations, but I sorta messed with the territories/color coding. Red areas aren't Hothior outposts, they're just dungeons.

Territory Color Code:
Red=Hothior/Immer, the Dragon Kingdoms
Grey=Lered/Lor more commonly called the Eastern and Western Wizard Kingdoms.
Pale Pink=Mivior
Hot Pink=Rombune
Brown/Tan=Wild Lands/Lawless Druid Territory. These areas are populated sparsely by barbarians, druids, and beast people.

Individual Hex Color/Icon Code:Red=Dungeon
Green=Natural Wonders/Druid Monuments
White=Capital City
Skulls=Cemetery/Graveyard or Former Battlefield

Numbered Locations are Fortresses/Cities. Their number corresponds to their military power, net wealth, size/population,



  1. Spires of the Eternal : 
  2. Ider Bolis (5) [CAPITAL] : 
  3. Mires of the Sinking Kind : 
  4. Melting Star (Lake)
  5. The Great Forest : Homeland of the Fey Princes
  6. Neuth (Forest Region)
  7. Aws Noir (4) [Elfland Outpost) : Elven Holy City, said to contain a direct pathway to the Moon.
  8. The Gathering (Blasted Heath outpost)
  9. The Shunned Vale (Waste of Vah-Ka-Ka outpost)
  10. The Crag (Zorn outpost)


  1. The Pits of Thessalon (4) [CAPITAL]
  2. The Cursed Forest
  3. Shrieker’s Scrub
  4. Nithmere Mountains : Scary shit and weird dreams.
  5. Leeks : Vegetable forest, halflings live in the woods and are very welcoming and also very weird 
  6. The Mouth Pass (x2)

Pon : It rains all the time. 

  1. Border Forest
  2. Crow’s Nest (4) : The Crow-Demon Malphas roosts in the Crow's Nest with his order of Warlock-Knights. The Crow-Knights guard the Border Forest against threats in exchange for the tolerance of the _, the rulers of Pon.
  3. Split Rock Pass (x2)
  4. Fortress Marzarbo (4 [CAPITAL] : 
  5. The Scab :
  6. Heap in the Hills (2) : 
  7. Mountains of Ice : A couple of Ice Giants live here! Most of the rest of them live far in the north in the Polar Wastes, but a few maintain secret hidden outposts in the Mountains of Ice.

The Western Wizard Kingdom : Wizard Cops

  1. The Invisible School of Thaumaturgy (5) : Literally invisible to outside eyes, costs a lot of gold to 
  2. Well of Lered : Magical inland sea, full of monsters.
  3. High Marches

The Eastern Wizard Kingdom (Shards of Lor) : 

  1. Tower of Zards (6) : The Wizard of Zards is a senile but kind old man who has a keyring with a key to every door on the planet and most doors in the galaxy. There is a secret tunnel hidden in the mountains where a Giant Wizard has created an inverted mirror world of the circle of hexes around the Tower of Zards. This Giant hates all other Wizards and wants to destroy the Tower.
  2. Blown Over : Windy frigid moors, fallen trees and many boulders. Exiled failed wizards warped and mutated by spells gone awry live in the caves here.

Muetar : The Muetarran Empire is a powerful theocracy which worships a dead god of light.

  1. Pennol on the Lake (4) [CAPITAL] : A witch-prison sits a few miles off of the city on the lake. The Corpse Pope is here.
  2. Lake Carth : Where the Sunken King was drowned and dismembered.
  3. Plibba on the Plain (2) :
  4. Yando Rivermen : Heretic followers of the Sunken King dredge the rivers of the land for their god's dismembered body parts.
  5. Wind Swept Downs :
  6. Beolon on the Downs (1) :
  7. Groat (3) : City run by a Goblin who got really lucked and ended up becoming a Pope mostly by accident. Ironically, a better and less evil King than any other ruler in Meutar.
  8. The Wanderer (River) : 
  9. Tangle Root (Forest) : 
  10. Basimar (3) : 
Special Rules/Notes: All non-cleric magic and especially witchcraft is outlawed in Muetar. Any signs of magical corruption (horns, curses, etc.) are cause for you to be arrested and potentially executed on sight. You can't wear Wizard robes out in the open.

Hothior : The Southern Dragon Kingdom. Horrible medieval wasteland ruled by 3-headed Iron Dragon, King Anathemnon (imagine medieval Mecha Ghidorah).

  1. Por Lork (3) [CAPITAL] The Iron Palace of King Anathemnon, an impregnable fortress and a stockpile of the Dragon-King's collection of the most powerful weapons in the world.
  2. Tadafat on the River (2) : Ruled by the last surviving Dragon Eel, a very angry and very powerful dark sorcerer, and a sworn enemy of all Troll-kind.
  3. Bad Axe (Forest) Forest littered with rusted discarded weapons, rust monsters. Post-apocalyptic mad-max style machinations built from broken metal.
  4. The Ebbing (River) : River spirits dying from the poison of the forges.
  5. Flood Water (River) : 
  6. Castle Lapspell (3) : Forge Salamander rules here.
  7. Farnot Seafolk : Dragon-slayer wannabe pirates hide out in this town.
Special Rules/Notes: All non-dragons are second class citizens in the Dragon Kingdoms. In the Capital the non-slum areas of the city require non-dragons to be accompanied by an escort at all times. Every City in the Dragon Kingdoms is ruled by a lesser dragon or lizard beast.

 Immer : The Northern Dragon Kingdom. Horrible medieval wasteland ruled by 3-headed Golden Dragon, King Ghidorah (imagine King Ghidorah). Post-Arthurian hellhole. 

    1. Wild Wood : Druids
    2. Gorpin Woodsmen : Villages hidden from the Dragon-king's gaze are guarded by the Gorpin Woodsmen, who train their most talented young to become dragon-slayers (this is really just an elaborate human sacrifice ritual, no one has ever come close to killing the Dragon King or any of his guards.)
    3. Lone Wirzor (2) : Ghidorah's son rules/is imprisoned here. He is a gold-scaled snakeman with 6 heads and he hates his father.
    4. Frosted Downs : Fields of snow-like ash from all the dead burned by the Dragon Kings.
    5. Caslte Altarr (3) [CAPITAL] : Golden palace of King Ghidorah. Golden Dragonborn are the noble caste, everyone else is a desperate peasant. Most of everyone lives underground, the entire hex is the palace, which is made of huge rooms big enough to fit the 1000 foot long Dragon.
    6. The Gap Castle (2 x2) : Wyvern Lady lives here and wishes to be Queen.
    7. Muscaster (3) : Basilisk Lord rules here and wishes to be King.
    8. Lowlands : Peasant territory.
    9. Dungeons: Lone Wirzor, Temple of Kings
    Special Rules/Notes: All non-dragons are second class citizens in the Dragon Kingdoms. In the Capital the non-slum areas of the city require non-dragons to be accompanied by an escort at all times. Every City in the Dragon Kingdoms is ruled by a lesser dragon or lizard beast.

    Mivior : Storm Giants rule here! Those who get struck by lightning and survive become heroes and leaders. Lots of sea monsters.

    1. Colist (4) [CAPITAL] : Ruled by Queen 
    2. The Shining Isle of Boliske (3) :
    3. Shaker Mountains
    4. Boran on the Moor (1) : 
    5. Addat At Surf’s End (2) : 
    6. The River Sullen

    Rombune: Full of weird shit from space. 

    1. The Golkus (3) [CAPITAL]
    2. Thores on the Rock (5) : The strongest of Rombunes three fortresses.
    3. Faces to the Sea
    4. The Sunken City of Parros (2) : The Holy City of Ogdru Zog, the Squid God, and is supposedly a gateway into the furthest depths of the ocean and the depths of space. Ravaged long ago by a War between the followers of the Punishing Star and the followers of Ogdru Zog, the city has never been fully restored to its former glory. It is also where the Sunken King, god of the sea and the underworld, perished.
    5. Crater of the Punishing Star : A long time ago, a star crashed into the planet containing a being who would eventually come to be known as a hero to some, a messiah to others, and a despicable warlord to many more. This man is called the Punishing Star and he came to this planet to wage an inquisition, cleanse the planet of sin, and eventually established the Empire of the Sun, Muetar.

    The Fallen Troll Kingdom : Most of the Trolls died in the Eelwar. All bridges have a Troll.

    1. Trollwood
    2. The Stone Face (1) [CAPITAL]
    3. High Marches
    4. Serpent Bay : Where all of the Dragon Eels were killed by the Troll King.

    Shucassam : Desert Kingdom of the Pyromancers. Sorcerer Kings duel for power and Warrior Poets compose odes about the ruins.

    1. Zefnar on the Sea (3) : Zefnarian Pyromancers manipulate steam and fly.
    2. Kuzdul (4) : Kuzdul Pyromancers run forges in volcanoes and manipulate magma.
    3. Dry Mountains
    4. Jipolis (2) : The Pyromancers of Jipolis still worship the sun and the stars. The most powerful Fireball spell in existence is guarded here.
    5. Walled City of Adeese (3) [CAPITAL] : Adeesean Pyromancers have armies armed with gun-like combustion wands and manipulate ash and smoke.
    6. Sea of Zett
    Every City in Shucassam has its own Pyromancy School.

    The United Dwarven Mountainhomes : 

    1. Mines of Rosengg (5) [CAPITAL] : Where the Dwarves mine magical stone of many colors and many different effects.
    2. Alzak (4) : Connected to Mines of Rosengg by extensive and densely populated underground pathways.
    3. Barriorr Mountains
    Haunts of the Lepers (Blasted Heath Outpost)

    The Sea of Drowning Men

    Mermaids "rule" this vast sea. Rule mostly just means that kill and eat anyone who falls in the water. Far to the West, the sea flows into the river Acheron which takes you into the underworld.


    1. Huts of the Scum (Dungeon) : Subterranean mutant cannibal doppelgangers.
    2. Stubstaff Keep (3) (Banished Lands Outpost)
    3. Isle of Fright (Sea of Drowning Men Outpost)
    4. Lost City of Khos (Pon Dungeon)
    5. Altars of Grey Staff (Blasted Heath Dungeon) : Grey Staff was a Pyromancer who wielded Ash-Bringer, a weapon capable of incredible destruction and renewal. Here, an order of Pyromancer-Knights study his teachings.
    6. Spires to the Sun (Shucassam/The Withering Dungeon) : Holy City of the Pyromancers, now overrun with Solar Angels from Space.
    7. Choked in Snow Pass (Zorn/Immer Dungeon)
    8. The Gap Castle (Zorn/Immer Dungeon)
    9. The Temple of Kings (Zorn/Immer Dungeon)
    10. Winter Rest (Zorn Dungeon)
    11. Ozerg Mountaineers (Zorn Dungeon)

    Mysterious Locations in the Wildlands:

    Wild Reaches
    Sacred Stones
    River Rapid
    The Unknown Army
    Eastern Waste
    The Breaking
    The River Sullen
    Forest of the Lurking
    Western Waste
    Witches’ Kitchen
    The Creeping Forest
    The Wasted Dead
    Shadow Wood
    Blasted Heath
    Worn Downs
    Field of the Laughing Dead
    The Withering : Holy Pyromancers made contact with the Solar God at the Spires to the Sun, and realized that he was slowly burning the world like an ant in a magnifying glass. The Withering is a stretch of desert which has begun to burn, blacken, and melt.
    Forbidden Oasis
    Waste of Vah-Ka-Ka
    Field of White Bones
    The Banished Lands
    The Deep
    Waterless Downs
    Thorn Flats