Monday, October 12, 2020

The Garden of Orobas (inspiration)

Orobas is a comic I am working on. I've been working on it before and throughout all of quarantine. It's a weird little project. It started out as an idea for an RPG dungeon zine and then I enjoyed the world so much that I decided to turn it into a different type of book. It's full of paintings and collages and I am going to print it with a risograph (someday!!!!).

New dungeon. It will be full of flowers, regret, demons, witches, ghosts, memories, dreams.

Here I'm going to collect some of the things that I've been looking at and being inspired by:

Friday, July 17, 2020

sci fi items


Weapon have a damage value and usually an effect. Players may choose to deal damage or deal the weapon’s effect when they attack, and the defender must save or suffer the effect if the attack succeeds.

Bleed - Enemy suffers 1 damage/round until bandaged.
Impale - Enemy is stuck to a surface, either a wall or the ground.
Dismember - Enemy loses a limb, suffers 1 damage/round until bandaged.
Stun - Enemy cannot act for 1 round.

All shields can be sundered to negate a melee attack.

01-04 Food--------------------
1 Beer
2 Freeze-Dried Fruit! (A delicacy)
3 Twinkie (A staple)
4 Can o’ Beans
5 Block of Ration-Bars
6 Live cow, 2 heads, very valuable DNA

05-08 Lo-Tech Tools & Junk———
1 Backpack - +5 INV slots
2 50 ft. Rope
3 10 ft. Chain - 4
4 Gas Mask - Immunity to gas
5 Flashlight
6 Lighter
7 Toolbox
8 Fire extinguisher
9 Gasoline - Deals 4 damage when ignited
10 Crowbar - Sunder - 4
11 Sunglasses / Goggles
12 Vid-Comm / Radio
13 Bandages
14 Winter Coat
15 Tent
16 Map
17 Flares
18 Padlock and Key
19 Bullets (20)
20 Book

09-12 Lo-Tech Clothing + Armor
1 Pocketed Coat
2 Rubber Boots
3 Cool Pants
4 Clean Socks - Valuable and unbelievably nice to find.
5 Scrap Armor - +2 Armor
6 Scrap Shield - +1 Armor

15-16 Lo-Tech Ranged Weapons
1 Pistol - 2
2 SMG - 3
3 Shotgun - 4
4 Rifle - 3
5 Assault Rifle - 4
6 Machine Gun - 6

13-14 Lo-Tech Melee Weapons - Effect — Damage
1 Scrap Knife - Bleed - 2
2 Scrap Spear - Impale - 2
3 Scrap Sword - 4
4 Scrap Axe — Dismember - 4
5 Scrap Flail - Stun - 4
6 Steel Knife - Bleed - 3
7 Steel Spear - Impale - 3
8 Steel Sword - 6
9 Steel Axe - Dismember - 6
10 Steel Flail Flail - Stun - 4

17 Hi-Tech Tools + Junk--------------
1 Energy Cell
2 Arc Welder
3 Telekinesis Gauntlet
4 Tractor Beam
5 Arm-Mounted Grappling Cable
6 Recycling Suit
7 Haz-Mat Suit
8 Night Vision Goggles
9 Robot-Override Puck
10 Psi-Wave Detector
11 Bullet Repulser repulses bullets for 1 round, consumes an Energy Cell.
12 Cloning Ray, takes 3/rounds of DNA scanning before it works, consumes 1d6 Energy Cells.
11 Bullet Repulser repulses bullets for 1 round, consumes an Energy Cell.


18 Hi-Tech Ranged Weapons--------------
1 Laser Pistol - 6
2 Laser Rifle - 7
3 Laser Cannon - 8
4 Beam Rifle - 8
5 Beam Cannon - 10
6 Plasma Pistol - 10
7 Plasma Rifle - 11
8 Plasma Cannon - 12

19 Hi-Tech Armor--------------
1 Shield emanator - Activated as a reaction, negates 1 attack.
2 Survival Solar Cloak - Can shield you from high and low temperatures, can slowly recharge energy cells.
3 Carbide Armor +4 Armor
4 Carbide Shield +2 Armor

20 Hi-Tech Melee Weapons--------------
1 Carbide Knife - 4
2 Carbide Spear - Impale - 3
3 Carbide Sword - 6
4 Carbide Axe - 8
5 Laser-Sword - 10
6 Laser-Flail - Stun - 10
7 Beam-Sword - Dismember - 10
8 Plasma-Edged Sword - 12
9 Plasma Flail - Stun - 12
10 Plasma Axe - Dismember - 12

Wednesday, July 8, 2020


you're a fighter, like the knight and the stalker. the knight has "honor" (at least in their own eyes), the stalker has cunning and stealth. you have fury.

by far a better martial fighter than any other class, the marauder is also less reliant on technology and equipment than the other martial fighters.

you start with a weapon with 10 notches and scars from a wound (eyepatch, missing hand).

perk: you're obviously scary. enemies have -1 on morale rolls around you.

drawback: you're obviously scary. potentially non-hostile strangers are afraid of you, -1 to reaction rolls.

A - +1 attack per round, bloody - you can crit with damage rolls: if you roll a 6 on a d6 (or an 8 on a d8) deal double damage.
B - +1 attack, dismember - 1/day dismember any opponent = your HD or lower with a successful attack.
C - tough - take 1/2 damage from one attack, but gain a scar every time you do so.
D - sunder - you can sunder your weapon to deal an automatic critical hit


knights are called knights in this strange planet because they have an air of authority about them. the four most important "authorities" in the realm are ooze, chrome, crystal and star, and knights are oath-bound to one of these factions.

you start with a Hi-Tech Melee Weapon, Ranged Weapon or Tool and Scrap Armor.

perk: Bodyguard: If an adjacent ally would take damage from a physical attack, you can choose to take the damage for them. This ability has a 4-in-6 chance of succeeding.

drawback: you are hated by the enemies of your faction (the bone hates ooze knights, the ooze hates the star knights, the star hates crystal knights, the crystal hates bone knights)

A - +1 Attack, Parry: Whenever you succeed at a defense roll, you automatically deal counterattack damage.
B - Weapon technique (see item table).
C - +1 Attack, Reward: your chosen faction provides you with a special item (see below).
D - Nobility : your faction gives you a property.

reward: radiation-helm
property: star-fortress.

reward: dream-slime
property: slime cave / dream-house

reward: reality crystal
property: prism

reward: resurrection spike, a cryopod,
property: star-fortress, star-tower


this world is an irradiated wasteland full of monsters and powerful people who want to steal your organs or kill you in the name of the star-god. they aren't going to kill you first. there are things that go bump in the night, you are the one who bumps back.

counterpart to the mechanist and the wanderer. (you're a freak who spends their time knee deep in trash and you know Secrets).

you start with a gas mask and a weapon with 10 notches.

perk: you can move silently

drawback: your frequent handling of toxic materials has made you extra vulnerable to mutations/radiation. disadvantage on radiation rolls.

A - +1 attack, better backstab: your backstab triple damage instead of double.
B - scavenger: whenever you spend an hour searching rubble or ruins you find... something. it might be hazardous, broken or useless but sometimes you'll find something valuable.
C - +1 attack, weapon technique
D - vault-breaker: you can bypass any lock given enough time and the right tools/explosives.

scavenger table (to-be-completed at a later date):
1 - cyborg arm. its still being operated remotely by its owner who feels it like a phantom limb. it will flail and strike anyone who approaches it, but only when its sensor is on.
2 - cyborg laser eye. when you put two of the exposed wires together, it shoots a laser. can also be implanted.
3 - psychic toad. the toad can read your thoughts and knows what is behind doors but doesn't want to tell you unless you feed him a live fly.
4 - flare, shoots a jet of fire for 1d4 rounds.
5 - cracked reality crystal. it has a house in its pocket reality but gravity doesn't work and it crashes and reboots with no memory after every hour.
6 - land map. reveals location of a nearby dungeon.
7 - dungeon map. reveals one floor of a nearby dungeon.
8 - monster autopsy notes. reveals the secret weakness of a random creature.
9 - dead warlock. has a spelldrive in their head but that might be what killed them.
10 - random hi tech item.


you are a mysterious stranger, a lonely warrior, a far-traveler. you know things about this world because you've seen them. you know how to survive on this planet.

you start with a random scrap weapon, and an all-temperature cloak, or a recycling suit.

perk: pick 3 hexes on the map, you know something about those places, ask the GM whatever questions you want and they have to answer one question per hex.

drawback: a scar from a close call. randomly choose a monster that you are still terrified by.

A - +1 Defense, Stranger: people trust you easily. +1 to reaction rolls.
B - +1 Defense, Gunslinger: +1 ranged attack per round.
C - Weathered: you have advantage against any environmental hazard (toxic gas, radiation, plasma storms, sentient lightning, acid rain, etc.)
D - Nomad: you can navigate your way to any location you've visited before in half the time it would normally take to get there.


Each cybernetic enhancement takes a toll on your body. You can only have as many cybernetics as you have Body slots, but you can replace any existing body part to gain a new slot.


1. Bionic Arm
+4 Strength Score. With a successful melee attack, can sunder weapons by crushing them.
2. Prosthetic Limb
Replaces a lost limb.
3. Optical Bioscanner
You can see the vital signals of visible creatures and assess their level of threat (HP values and number of Hit Dice).
4. Robotics Blueprint Database
You can sometimes detect weaknesses in Robots. Save allowed.
1d4 - Robot Weakness
1 Flawed locomotion design. Limbs can be disabled if hit in the right spot.
2 Facial recognition dependent targeting. High contrast face paint or masks can confuse the robots sensors. Weapons won’t target anyone wearing these.
3 Poorly insulated processor. An electrical charge to a certain hard-to-hit spot will deactivate the robot.
4 Faulty power supply. If you are able to open the access panel, the robot’s power supply can be rewired to self-destruct.
5. Optical Thermoscanner
You can see heat. Useful for tracking organics but ineffective against robots.
6. Nocturnal Optics
At night you can see perfectly in the dark and gain +2 to all attacks.
7. Revenant Wiring
Your body will keep fighting for 3 rounds even after you’re dead with full temporary hit points.
8. Emergency Stabilizer
Injects a healing serum as soon as you reach a programmable HP level (default 0), serum heals 4 damage.
9. Gecko Anchors
You can climb sheer surfaces.
10. Dermal Armor
Permanent +4 Armor.
11. Embedded Weapon
Retractable and hidden version of a random weapon. 75% chance lo-tech, 25% chance hi-tech.
12. Hyper-Elastic Ankle Tendons
Double move speed (60’), deal 4 damage with kicks.
13. Arm-Lock Actuator
+2 ranged attacks.
14. Pneumatic Pentaceps
Jump triple your height.
15. Vampyric Mandible
Metal-fanged bite deals 4 damage and heals you for 4 points.
16. Phase Harmonic Modulator
1/day move through solids, become immaterial for 1 round.
17. Satellite Linked Nav-Overlay
You can always tell where you are on the hex map, and you can detect mass heat-signals (cities and other populated areas) anywhere within your hex.
18. Laser Vision
You can shoot lasers from your eyes which deal 6 damage.
19. Retractable Mechanist Devices
You can repair and modify machinery and robots without any tools. You still need materials and parts.
20. Brain Jar
Your brain is held in a glass-domed jar of brightly colored fluid. You can detach the jar from its socket between your shoulders and connect it to a robot’s chassis to take control of that robot. Your body can only endure this for up to 1 hour/day and is incapacitated and very vulnerable during this time.